Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 56: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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Never be afraid to ask; the worst possible answer is “no”.


Exploring the V&A, London

I have been in London for a whole week until two days ago and I feel rejuvenated. Paris can be a tough city sometimes, especially when you live it fully, walking through it without a break and surviving its unpredictable weather. (Ok, this said, I’m pretty sure any city in the world can be tough, including London itself…).

Anyhow, museums in London are free! And that is a plus for me and for everyone who’s willing to devote some time to just learning more about regional and international art. I got to see some pretty great paintings such as the Sunflowers by Van Gogh at the National Gallery, which is actually my favorite painting ever (cliché…).


The greatest thing that happened to me in London was being able to get into the Frida Khalo exhibit “Frida Khalo: Making Herself Up” at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Yes, I was not organized enough for this trip and yes, I should have gotten myself a ticket. But on my defense I can say that they were already sold out a couple weeks before the opening! So I was lucky and blessed that the lady and her supervisor at the exhibition entrance let me in with my blog’s card. All I had to do was politely asking.


And guess what? I was #inspiredbyfrida. The exhibition is not very large but it encompasses all the phases of the artist’s life, her personal struggles and professional accomplishments, with quite a number of photos from her childhood, family moments, the Casa Azul (the “blue house” in Mexico where Frida and her husband, Diego Rivera, lived for most of their lives and in between their frequent travels to the United States). Everything came all the way from Mexico especially for this exhibit.

There is also a collection of clothes, necklaces, rings and even perfumery items belonging to Frida. I especially loved to see her corsets, which she wore for medical reasons but she decorated as if they were a part of her fashion choices.

You can see the resilience of this woman throughout her life and in making up her figure. In making up what we see and know today as “Frida”. A woman who decided to stand up for herself against any defeat, not to be a victim of all that happened to her and who took the opportunity to dig into herself and bring out in the world only light.

Another favorite part of the exhibition were the paintings: so colorful, intricate and expressive. The idea of the “mirror self” that Frida explores throughout her life can be seen in many of her artistic compositions. It gave me things to think about…


What else? Yes, obviously: make sure to book your ticket in advance if you are in London for the summer. The exhibition is on until November 4th and it’s a must if you’re not planning to go to Mexico anytime soon! You can find more information here.


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