Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 64: Museo Diocesano of Monopoli, Italy

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“I say a little prayer…” (Aretha Franklin)  


Cover Photo: Sala 6, Museo Diocesano of Monopoli

The Museo Diocesano of Monopoli was established in 2002, in the ancient Episcopal Seminary that was founded by bishop Giuseppe Cavalieri back in 1668.

I accidentally passed by the museum while visiting the city of Monopoli last week. The museum is hard to miss, as it is very close to the Cathedral, and therefore I decided to get in for a quick stroll before hitting the beach, and a few photos.


As I learned on the catalogues that were gently given to me as a gift, the art reflects the political and cultural history of the area, from the “Byzantine” period, as witnessed by the icon of the “Madonna della Madia”, to the relations with the kingdom of Naples (Aragonese) as well as with Venice.


The works exposed in the museum came from different churches of the Diocese of Monopoli, and invite guests to a great journey of rediscovery of Christian culture over the centuries. Some of the artists I remember seeing are Costantino from Monopoli, Francesco Vecellio, Paolo Veronese and Giambattista Lama.


All the works are from the XIV through the XVIII centuries, and I especially loved the manuscripts and rings in Room 5, as well as the library.


Oh, the library. It was so unexpected! It’s quite small but original, with manuscripts of history and philosophy.


People usually go to Monopoli for its beautiful center as well as the beaches, especially in the summer. But have they ever considered stopping by the Museo Diocesano? With 3 euros (I was pleasantly surprised and had forgotten how inexpensive Italian museums are!), I traveled through centuries of art and beauty.

And then I, too, left the museum for the nearby beach.

Che caldo, ragazzi!


For more information on the Museo Diocesano of Monopoli, check out the website.

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