Friday Heirloom 2019

Friday Heirloom 85: Museum Connections (16-17 January 2019), Paris

Check out the Highlights of January here

Leaving is good for the soul. For a bit or for long, make sure you leave, sometimes.


Artsy pins by Woodpins

If you, like the writer, love a good shopping session as much as you love art and museums, you’ll find Museum Connections to be your kind of wonderful.


Artsy vase inspired by Banksy

Created about 25 years ago, the salon Museum Connections is held in Paris every January. I was there last year (you’ll find last year’s Heirloom here) and absolutely enjoyed myself!


French Candy “Anis de Flavigny”

With more than 3,800 decision-makers in the sector, 35% of whom are international, it never gets boring. They also  introduced conference sessions in-between, which are held by international experts who are shaping the future of museums, spreading that entrepreneurial kick we all (museum people!) somehow need.


I was inspired by these snow balls…


Jewels by Joyas de Papel

I find Museum Connections to be complete. The exposers, the conference area, the bars and even – starting this year – their own signature shop! Everything is made to inspire you, between “Made in France” and global merchandising techniques.


Maison Cisson makes knitted sausages!

A lot of stories are told every year at Museum Connections. Make sure you check out the website soon to learn more about next year’s dates! It’s never too early to get ready for this. And Paris is an unmissable destination!


Clever Clocks from California

Economics and museums don’t usually go hand in hand, and that’s also why I find Museum Connections special: there is an intention to inspire new ways of perceiving museums and museum stores.

And so I got home last night with a bunch of gifts from the exposers. Like this ginger candy by Anis de Flavigny,


Some chic chocolate,


A few postcards,


And a beautiful music box by PML!


I also received tea by Herbatica,


A piece of house-cloth by historic French maison “Moutet”,


And a beautiful hourglass by PARADOX.


As a millennial in museums, I ask myself: what can museums learn from experiences like Museum Connections? Good luck in finding the answer.

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