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Thank you for following me on this journey! With any gift amount, you will be part of an exclusive club (through private Stories via @imamusaller) where all of my behind-the-scenes content takes place. Get access to my museum adventures as they happen, photoshoots, travels and MORE! And the BEST part is: you’re supporting ME and the MOVEMENT #imamusaller. As millennials, we are the patrons of tomorrow; museums, regardless of their size, should make an effort to be relevant to our lives so that we can love and support them. We are the future of museums, so let’s make our voice heard: let’s shape their future, you and I, one Heirloom at a time!

Fondation Monet, Giverny, France

The #imamusaller movement happens as we speak on Instagram (@imamusaller) and is meant to inspire millennials to take action in museums. Through photos, videos and captions, Musallers support the mission of museums of creating unity, of fostering cohesion within diversity, thus influencing people in making better choices for themselves and their environments… All while having fun.

Musallers can help shape a more peaceful and compassionate world through museums. Their courage, positivity and enthusiasm are key in meaning-making, sharing and comprehension, within the museum field and out in the world.

As you may know, taking action on many fronts – online and offline – requires huge amounts of belief, passion and commitment. Therefore, thank you so, so much for reading this far and supporting my museum adventures and #imamusaller.

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