Special Heirloom October (10/31): Museum of Four in the Morning

Special Heirloom October (10/31): Museum of Four in the Morning

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Heirloom is Special once a month!

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Cover Photo, Credit: Museum of Four in the Morning (Instagram) 

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this month’s Special Heirloom! It’s Halloween! And of course today we’ll bring to your attention something creepy AND awkward: Four in the Morning, a movement created by poet and performance artist Rives (TED Video: “you are awake at the worst possible hour!“)

Why? Well, have you ever been awake at this time of the day/night? There is just something uncomfortable about it, “il male di vivere” (the agony of living) seems to just take place at 4am around the world. And the Museum of Four in the Morning is the demonstration of this.

4am is powerful. I see and hear it anywhere anytime now (I actually heard it in the last two podcasts I listened to!) and, as a museum lover, I couldn’t help bringing it on Musalley.

Here you find my favorites from the museum’s Instagram page (and remember to get your life together, every day, by four in the morning).

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More examples in this TED video by Rives.

Until soon! And happy Halloween everyone!

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