Sunday Store: Aletta Teunen Jewellery Designs

Sunday Store: Aletta Teunen Jewellery Designs

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Cover Photo: Aletta Teunen jewellery designs

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Sunday Store!

I’m glad to introduce you to the elegant world of Aletta Teunen, representing the geography and architecture of the city of Amsterdam… in jewellery!


Aletta’s work is based on aerial photography, mostly the Netherlands. Many rivers, coastline, city plans and remarkable architecture have caught her eye…
Aletta Teunen_RW_2594-2
For instance, at the time of writing, she focusses on the canal houses of Amsterdam. She makes 3D designs from a 2D photograph, and there is a long thought process on how to best catch the feeling of that specific river, city, building.
Aletta Teunen_RW_2576
“What texture should it have? What parts can I leave out or are the most important?” are some of the questions Aletta asks herself, as well as on the thinness or thickness of the materials at any specific points of the jewels she makes.
And the results are simply stunning… Wouldn’t you agree?!
Aletta Teunen Goudsmid Utrecht Sieraad in Perspectief armband zilveren huisjes 3D vast camee amethist
For any additional information, questions or to get in touch with Aletta Teunen, please send her an email at or visit her website here.
Until soon and happy Sunday you guys!

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