Sunday Store: Farewell, Olive! (Musée du Parfum Fragonard, Paris)

Sunday Store: Farewell, Olive! (Musée du Parfum Fragonard, Paris)

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Cover Photo: New Favorites (Dry Body Oil and Body Butter, “Olive” Line of Body Care by Fragonard Parfumeur)

Hi everyone, and welcome to our first Sunday Store for the month of November! Today I want to introduce to you the “Olive” Line of Body Care by Fragonard.

I love this line. It reminds me of Italy, with all the olive branches and natural goodies – the Puglia region, as you may know, is widely known for olive oil!

And this is why I want to promote this line before it’s gone. Yes, you heard it right… all you can get on the website of Fragonard Parfumeur and in the brick-and-mortar stores across France is all that remains, as they stopped producing it.


The “Olive” Line in the store of the Museum of Perfume Fragonard, Paris

Why this line is good for you: the “Olive” Line of Body Care is a concentrate of the very best natural ingredients, with 100% organic olive oil and perfumed with neroli (100% natural, composed of more than 90% natural essential oils such as petitgrain, orange and lemon).


A few more details on the “Olive” line and what it’s made of:

Olive oil: well known for its nutritional qualities, olive oil has a high content of antioxidant active ingredients, fatty acids and vitamin E. Our ancestors the Romans, as you may know, used it daily in their beauty rituals to nourish their skin and hair.

The olive tree is a symbol of longevity… 

Essential neroli oil: obtained from the bitter orange tree blossom, it owes its name to the princess of Nerola, who used it to perfume her gloves and baths. A symbol of purity throughout the Mediterranean basin, Neroli is also known for its soothing qualities


On the shelf at the store of the Museum of Perfume Fragonard, Paris

My favorite pieces of the collection, as you see from the cover photo, are the Dry Body Oil (100ml, 26 euros, buy it here) and the Body Butter (200ml, 28 euros, buy it here). I fell in love with the way my skin absorbs them, rapidly and neatly, as well as the soft touch they permeate my body with.  I absolutely recommend them!

Other products in the line: Hand and Feet Cream (100ml, 14 euros); Liquid Soap (250ml, 12euros; 500ml, 18euros); Facial Oil (30ml, 24 euros); Olive Gift Set (20 euros).

Make sure to grab the last pieces for yourself or your friends & family before they’re gone! In store you may even get them 20% off the initial price.

And… don’t hesitate to email me for questions.

Farewell, Olive!


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    1. Did you buy any of the products from the Olive line? 🙂
      Let me know if you’re interested and I can get them to you from the store (20%off)!

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