Sunday Store: Pablo Picasso, Paroles d’Artiste (Musée Picasso, Paris)

Sunday Store: Pablo Picasso, Paroles d’Artiste (Musée Picasso, Paris)

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Sunday is Store on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month!

The Sunday Store for this week is on a book by Pablo Picasso I gave Mickaël for his birthday. It is a very interesting read, as it shows the most prominent works by the artist as well as some quotes on his life and work. The quotes are in both English and French… Wonderful!


Here’s our favorite quote from the book:

I paint in the same way that other people write autobiographies. My canvases, whether finished or not, are the pages of my diary, and that’s their value. The future will choose the pages it wants. It’s not for me to make the choice. […] I’m like a river carrying along trees uprooted by the current, dead dogs, rubbish, proliferating miasmas. I take it all with me, and I continue. It’s the movement of painting that interests me, and the dramatic effect from one vision to another, even if the effort’s not pushed to its limits.

I purchased the book from the Musée Picasso‘s local bookstore in Paris. Here the details on the booklet:

Name: Paroles d’Artiste

Author: Pablo Picasso

Pages: 64

Date of Publication: April 2014

Publisher: Fage Éditions, Lyon, 2014

Language: English, French

ISBN: 978 2 84975 320 0

Price: 6.50 Euros

For more information on this and more items sold by the store at the Musée Picasso, please visit:

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Bisous and happy Sunday!

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