Sunday Store/Special Heirloom April: Earth Day

Sunday Store/Special Heirloom April: Earth Day

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Let’s celebrate Earth! Spring time in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Sunday Store, which happens to fall on Earth Day.


Side view of the Musée du Luxembourg (loving the contrasts), Paris

And, for this very reason, I decided to combine my infinite love for nature and all things green with the chance to recommend you a product I run into while browsing at the shop of the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris.

The product I am talking about is a book!


A relaxing afternoon of reading in the sun, Jardin du Luxembourg

The title of the book is “Curiosités Botaniques à Paris et en Ile-de-France”(“Botanic Curiosities in Paris and in the Ile-de-France”, available only in French), by Anne-Marie Minvielle.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

Even if you don’t really read or understand French, this book is full of images and, above all, addresses to follow whenever you feel like exploring a garden in Paris or simply get lost in the beauty of nature.


I want you guys to celebrate Earth on this special day. Paris has countless gardens and green areas for you to explore, so let’s take advantage of beautiful spring time to get outside and soak in the sun! And, if you’re not in Paris, take some time off today and go for a walk in a nearby park!

But, above all, let’s not forget to care for and protect Earth in every little thing we do.

To love it with all ourselves.

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