Sunday Store: Tout Ce Que J’Aime, Fragonard Parfumeur (Musée du Parfum Fragonard)

Sunday Store: Tout Ce Que J’Aime, Fragonard Parfumeur (Musée du Parfum Fragonard)

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A view of “Tout Ce Que J’Aime” at the store of the Musée du Parfum Fragonard, Paris

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Store, where we’ll be introducing the line “Tout Ce Que J’Aime” (All That I Love) by Fragonard Parfumeur!

I’m excited about this one and I’ve been patiently waiting for the holiday season to bring it on the blog and share it with you all.



This is a warm and generous line, made of eaux de parfum, soaps, candles and diffusers. The theme here is time, the time shared with those you love, and the transmission of memories.


In fact, “Tout Ce Que J’aime” is an intimate collection created by the directors of Fragonard, Anne, Agnès et Françoise Costa, and it’s about all that they love, and therefore all that you love, too.

You can make the collection yours, or better give it as a present to someone you love, who will make it theirs. We are confident that “Tout Ce Que J’Aime” will make him or her happy with its simplicity and naturalness.


Beauty is in the details, and this collection shows it. There is a lot of light in the photos, but I hope you can still see how elegantly designed is the packaging of the soaps and eaux de parfum.


The lids to the candles, just like the soaps, have their share of elegance, with their motifs on top: they evoke ancient times and the passing of memories.



In detail below you find the different eaux de parfum, soaps, candles and diffusers in the collection:

Eaux de Parfum (50ml, 45euros) / Soaps (150g, 12euros):

Mon Oranger (buy it here): an abundant fragrance from Grasse, South of France. Sun, leaves and heat are all reunited in this one. “Mon Oranger” is infused with white light, amber, powder and spring. A golden eau de parfum.

Ma Rose (buy it here): a rose characterized by wild freshness, with mint and amber too. It is therefore a “spicy” rose, but without thorns. It’s complex, sweet but with character. Delicious, delicate and even tasty. My favorite!

Ma Bergamote (buy it here): an elegant bergamot. It’s a sweet bergamot from the sunny Southern Italy, embraced by the Mediterranean wind. Here you’ll find amber jasmin and bigarade too. A round and fresh eau de parfum.

Mon Immortelle (buy it here): a wild, free and impertinent eau de parfum. A golden sun, “Mon Immortelle” is sensual and will make heads turn!

Mon Lys (buy it here): just like the flower, “Mon Lys” is elegant and sophisticated, romantic and majestic (a princess, she is a little detached).

Mon Poivre (buy it here): this is for the bold and free. How much character in a small grain of pepper! Spicy and adventurous, it’s an audacious and colorful eau de parfum for the men in your life.

Candles (200g, 35euros, get yours here) / Diffusers (125ml, 30euros, get yours here):

Mon Gingembre: spicy, sweet and delicious, it takes us back to youth and evokes memories of childhood.

Ma Fougassette: generous, tasty and sophisticate. A simple but beautiful fragrance, perfect for the holiday season.

Mon Ambre: sweet and warm, here you’ll find the tonka bean from Brazil, as well as bigarade and incense.

“Tout Ce Que J’Aime” was truly meant to share with those you love. My favorites are “Ma Rose” and “Mon Gingembre”, with their bold characters infused with delicacy. (By the way I took the soap “Mon Poivre” to a holiday dinner and the receiver is still thanking me…)

Make sure to grab your favorite piece, either online or by visiting one of the Fragonard brick-and-mortar stores throughout France.

Looking forward to all of your questions. Talk soon and happy holidays!


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