Sunday Store: “Whistle BOSCO” (Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux)

Sunday Store: “Whistle BOSCO” (Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux)

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Sifflet BOSCO2.jpg

The whistle BOSCO

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let us introduce you a whistle from the Store of the Musée d’Aquitaine (Bordeaux), an institution focused on the history and culture of the Aquitaine region of France.


This is a very interesting object, which you can get for yourself or as a gift to someone who is fun-loving and light-spirited!

Sea lovers will love it too – there is an anchor printed on the tiny ball at the end.

The whistle is easily worn thanks to the chain that comes with it, and even easier to play: all you need to do is breathe within the cylindric tube in metal (the “cannon”) while holding it in your hand by the tiny ball at the end of it, which allows to modulate the sound and bring variety to your melodies.

Sifflet BOSCO

It feels comfortable in your hand thanks to the keel, which adheres to the shape of it.

The whistle costs 15 euros. For more info, you can email the Store here: or visit the website:


Photo Credit & Caption: L. Gauthier. Espace 2, the Atlantic trade and the slave trade

Everybody go “Whistle on the hill” now!  (“Siffler sur la colline” is a French song by Joe Dassin).

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Mickaël and the whistle BOSCO


Photo Credit: Accordéon du Riche

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