Tuesday Intangible (May 15, 2018)

Tuesday Intangible (May 15, 2018)

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What the Press!

Articles that made me think:

From Brussels to Bogotá: where will the Pompidou pop up next?

Sights you should see in Paris

Retain or return? It’s complicated

6 female photographers challenging misconceptions of the African continent and its diaspora

Art in the buff: Paris museum opens up to nudists

Decolonizing the art museum: the next wave

The legendary bars where famous artists drank, debated, and made art history

How I got my art job: the Met’s Costume Institute conservator on getting her dream gig without the perfect resume

Meet Pepper, the Smithsonian’s new automated tour guide

I went naked to a museum, and it was… revealing

People can’t put their phones down, and it’s ruining museums

Beyoncé just gave a giant diamond-and-titanium butterfly Ring to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

A French street artist made $1,000 after adding a Bitcoin QR Code to his murals

What the Gram! 

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Books I’m reading

Women, Charles Bukowski

Podcast Episodes I’m listening to

The Fountain of Youth, TED Radio Hour, NPR

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