Are You a Musaller?

I envision Musallers as a new breed of museum visitors, in the age range: 21-35 years old.

Through photos, videos and captions, they support the mission of museums of creating unity, of fostering cohesion within diversity, thus influencing people in making better choices for themselves and their environments… All while having fun.

A Musaller is a thinker and a giver. He or she is curious and proactive, an adventurer who uses social media as an opportunity for fun and for building connections with fellow humans.  

I believe that Musallers can help shape a more peaceful and compassionate world through museums. Their courage, positivity and enthusiasm are key in meaning-making, sharing and comprehension, within the museum field and out in the real world.

Musallers are honest and vulnerable. They are powerful connectors, who give before receiving and who lift others up.

Musallers are silly and playful. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They laugh and bring life to the room.

Musallers stop to smell the flowers. They are free, not fearful, and they are bold. They care and listen. They leave the place better than how they found it. 

Musallers take care of their own wellbeing for a beautiful mind, and they get lost in nature.

Musallers take massive action and stand up for their dreams.

Are you a Musaller?

If your answer is yes, and you are between 21 and 35 years old, don’t hesitate to click on “myMusalley” and then hit “Register” to join our community of museum-goers and adventurers!