Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 45: Ode to Pompeii

You were born to expand. A problem is only an opportunity with a bad reputation.


Cover Photo: Pompeii. Photo Credit: Silver Surfers

Pompeii – she is the city of what it used to be – buried under ashes and then reborn brilliantly and vehemently.

Pompeii – she is reinvented. You simply cannot crush decades of civilizations, of flourishing centers bustling with daily chores and markets. Everything is quiet here but it do’nt mean we’re dead. We are just thinking. (And you may not take a piece of us and make it yours.)

Pompeii – she is who she is and you can agree or disagree, but “the only thing you cannot do is ignore her” and I’m sure you’re already on her side.

Pompeii – she turned a problem, a tragedy even, into opportunity. From city, to ashes, to even-greater-than-before city… So don’t come tell me you pushed with all yourself, because if you’re not there yet it means it’s not over and you just need to keep pushing still, not still, babe!

You were born to expand and there is magic in those leaves slowly pushing the walls to come out. They don’t follow logic, or reasonable thinking, but they get out constantly, at some point after a long freezing winter, wearing their Mad Leaf clothes.

Pompeii too – well, she is not reasonable. There is no reasonable thinking in its greatness. There is only movement.

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