Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 49: Museum Week 2018

Check out the Highlights of May here  

Great things happen in museums…

Capture d’écran 2018-05-04 à 08.22.01

Cover Photo: #MuseumWeek (

My favorite museum time of the year is spring! Not only does this month host a ton of conferences on museum matters around the world, but it also offers cool (online, community-building) events such as #museumweek!

Museum Week is “the first worldwide cultural event on social networks” and gives every institution, blogger and museum-goer the chance to share with the world relevant aspects of museum life!

Well, I didn’t miss any of your posts (I hope…), so here you find only some of my favorite photos from last week. Enjoy!















What are your favorites? Make sure to share them with us by tagging us on Instagram @musalleyparis!

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