Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 57: The National Gallery, London

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What is harmony if not beaming light? What is beauty if not the sight of the Sunflowers?


What is the one masterpiece that leaves you absolutely speechless? One that you would never stop staring at, that gives you energy and soul only by the quick sight of it? How would you describe the emotions it gives you?

A great painting is like music. I abandon myself to it, I am the taker while the artist gives me. He or she is passing on energy at a pure condition. And I am not willing to compromise or give into the state of reason. And I am just what I need to be: unreasonable.


Madame Matisse in a Kimono (1905), André Derain

A trip to the National Gallery may well be worth your Friday afternoon. Or, well, any day. I love how the website gives you 10 reasons to visit the National Gallery of London including “taking time out: escape from the city into a painting”

And I love this because this is really what I did. I found myself escaping in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on what was supposed to be a basic Friday afternoon in Trafalgar Square, London. And nothing was basic about it! Even more, Fridays are better than the other days at the Gallery since the space is open until 9pm.


Ophelia among the flowers (1905-8), Odilon Redon

There is something for everyone at the National Gallery. With over 2,300 works from the 13th through the early 20th century, I am sure you’ll get your dose of curiosity satisfaction and artistic inspiration…


Mrs. Siddons (1785), Thomas Gainsborough

As I was wondering around I admired the sophisticated and colorful walls, staring at every detail, full of history and of mystery, a gentleman approached me: “Don’t you see? This is one of the greatest art collections in the world… We are so lucky.

For more information on the National Gallery of London, please click here.

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