Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 63: Museo Storico della Città di Lecce (MUST), Italy

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“Cercavo un mare calmo e ho trovato te…”


“Cripta”, Fiorella Rizzo (1989-1991/2013). Materials: wood and red soil

The MUST – Historical Museum of the City of Lecce – is a hub for classical and contemporary creativity. Currently open to the public in the section devoted to modern and contemporary art, the museum is set to also host the sections dedicated to the history of Lecce, from the Messapians to the twentieth century.


I wish this were my bathtub…

I found many interesting things going on at the MUST last week. Part of the “Arc-en-Ciel” (Rainbow) series by Giuseppe Zilli, the installation below is one of them.


“Lumi senz’albero”, Giuseppe Zilli. Materials: stone from Lecce, pigments and cords

Mr. Zilli is an explorer. His artistic research moves on themes that often return, that are reinvented, making the narrative rather complex and nonlinear, with emotions and thought.


One of the installations by Mr. Zilli

As I read on the museum website, Giuseppe Zilli is “a traveler among chromatic seas, mountains of signs, steps of symbols and, above all, an archaeologist who manages to bring new light around the ruins, between the rock and the pigments”, like in the installation above.

The exhibition, set on the ground floor, is bright and colorful. I liked how the artist was able to intertwine the complexity of earthy materials with the playfulness of colour.

Also on the ground floor there are sculptures by Giuseppe Manzo, an artist from Salento.


Colombo looks at hope, Giuseppe Manzo, 1888

On the second floor, “Poesia del Reale” (Poetry of the Real), exhibition of Carmelo Leone, takes place. With a collection of 35 sculptures of different sizes and materials, made in over ten years of activity, the artist explores the society around him with its deep messages, posing his eye on issues such as gender, social and racial discrimination, the environment and even consumerism.


LuMoka, Carmelo Leone, 2009


Pianta del Piede, Carmelo Leone, 2013 

“Poesia del Reale” portrays a society imbued with superficiality and exhibitionism. Mr. Leone expresses these concepts with irony and sarcasm, through the use of multiple materials that he assembles in creative ways.


Installations and sculptures by contemporary artists from Southern Italy

Even if the museum is a work in progress (and, in all honesty, I was not expecting it), I enjoyed seeing expressions of contemporary creativity in Southern Italy, a part of the country where usually not much space is given to it.

For more information on the MUST, please check out the museum website.

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