Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 70: Pixel Museum, Schiltigheim

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Life is a game: live it, love it, play it.


Cover Photo: My friend Mickaël at the Pixel Museum, Schiltigheim

Video games, whose global industry has surpassed that of cinema since the turn of the century, have only recently become accepted as art, thanks in part to the New York Museum of Modern Art which has video games in its collection since 2012. Therefore yes, these – now called the Tenth art – bring together the other nine.


Sponsored by Oskar Guilbert, co-founder and CEO of DONTNOD Entertainment, the Pixel Museum opened its doors in Schiltigheim in February 2017, in the suburbs bordering Strasbourg.


The museum retraces the history of video games, starting with the invention of the cathode ray tube to go up to modern consoles, going through arcade stations, Game & Watch, and, of course, computers.

Whatever your age, you will find the devices of your childhood, and more! Indeed, the collection includes many American, Japanese and French consoles that were not necessarily released in your country! Several machines are also there for you to try.


The collection, gathering more than 5000 pieces in about 600m², also includes many games, accessories, derivative products and rare items (I must admit, for example, that seeing a box of the game Doom still blistered made my head turn).


It’s nice to see that video games are becoming more and more part of people’s lives, and that institutions are beginning to think about how to preserve this heritage.


You can visit the “levels” of the Pixel Museum for 9 euros (or 7 euros for children from 3 to 16 years), and all the signs offer explanations in English, French and German. And don’t hesitate to stop by the shop, which offers objects that will support your gamer soul!

For more information, visit the museum’s website or send an email to

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