Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 73: I Love (to Hate) you Paris – Part II

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We’re no longer in the Cold War; eavesdropping on friends is unacceptable. (Vladimir Putin)


Wiktor and Zula from the movie “Cold War” by Pawel Pawlikowski

I’m back in Paris, only for a few days, and I decided not to go to museums this time. My friend and I went to watch “Cold War” instead… What a movie!

Coming to Paris after a month living anywhere else fills you with energy and wonder. That’s why many people can’t leave the city. What do people do, outside of Paris? It’s incredible to even think that people do something called “living” in Lyon, Marseille or even Bordeaux.

As for me, I am good the way I am.

I spent my first morning as a tourist in Paris at Ladurée, where I actually started to write this article. Then, I went on a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries passing by the Buren’s columns, which I had never seen before and, apparently, are an art installation created by the French artist Daniel Buren during the 80s.


It’s a sweet morning at Ladurée, with a grand macaron pistachio and a long, long coffee


A view of the Jardin des Tuileries, where the skies are pink…


Love me some Buren!

Then I had pizza for lunch at Iovine’s, where I also tasted their Pinot Noir and started playing with my new companion, Robes du Vin by L’Atelier du Vin. “Robes du Vin” is a handy tool I bought from where I work, the boutique of La Cité du Vin, that you can use to practice recognizing the different shades of wine: red, white, rosé. (As you may know, even only looking at the color of the precious liquid you can learn a lot about it.)





“Robes du Vin” will be in this month Sunday Store, so follow @imamusaller on Instagram for a chance to win it and become a wine pro!

After going on a quick run, we spent part of the evening in Notre Dame, where lights, crowds and a full moon brightened our spirits.


And then off to some Rhum tasting to the nearby La Rhumerie.




…to only end  the evening with more wine and wine games…




Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s take on life.

Life is too short to spy on your friends, but too long not to skip museums… For once.

For Part I of this article, go to Friday Heirloom 53.

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