Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 82: Fontana di Trevi, Italy

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May all your dreams come true!


The man who said I’d rather be lucky than good saw deeply into life. People are afraid to face how a huge part of what shapes our lives is dependent on luck. (Yes, you should watch Match Point…).

But good things happen to those who go to museums. And great things happen to those who cherish them. So we do have some say in what happens to us, after all…


Although the Trevi Fountain is not a museum, it is part of the world’s heritage, and, as an Italian, I feel the need to talk about it and visit it at least once a year.

I’m very proud to say that the Fountain truly represents my people, being in fact one of the most iconic masterpieces in Italy.

Think of the Carrara marble of which is made, the opulence of its structure, the blue waters, with the actual personifications of Ocean (statue in the middle), Abundance (statue on the left) and Health (statue on the right).


These are key values in the Italian way of life. Or, la Dolce Vita as you may say. And I feel the need to wrap up 2018 with a reminder of the importance of these values to your life, too.

Yes, as I’m writing this, I’m trying to think of what to take with me from this past year into the new. But my head is clouded from the memories and I can’t seem to think properly.

2018 – I must admit – has been my most challenging year ever. And although you do learn from challenges, it doesn’t make them any sweeter…

But getting ready for the new year is exciting. It’s a new book with chapters that will be written. Of Heirlooms and Musallers. Of new museums that will fill my pages, as the more I visit them the happier I feel. And of the weirdness of being a millennial in the eyes of the world… Yes, it looks like they can identify us at first sight.


According to a traditional legend, throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain ensures that you return to Rome at some point in your life.

What’s your luck then? Do you want more of Rome? Do you want more of Ocean, Abundance and Health?


Anyhow, Rome is Rome.

I hope you’ll surround yourself with good friends in the new year. Friends are everything. But let me tell you also: museum friends are more then everything.

All in all, may your dreams come true in the new year.

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