Friday Heirloom 2019

Friday Heirloom 84: Cap Sciences, Bordeaux

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Curiosity is the first step towards respect, respect is the first step towards tolerance.


Walking a few meters from La Cité du Vin, one can enter a big, comin’-out-of-the-river space: Cap Sciences. What exactly is Cap Sciences?


Started with a spin, ended with a dance

Recalling San Francisco’s Exploratorium, Cap Sciences presents amazing exhibitions on scientific and technical subjects to the public. I was impressed by the many great reviews of Cap Sciences, although I’m not someone who usually reads them…

Anyway, now I know why this place is great. Let me tell you about my experience.


Special Exhibit at Cap Sciences

I do not consider myself a “cinema” person. I haven’t seen most blockbusters and I’ve spent my childhood playing outside, rather than in front of a screen. So when my friend Mickaël suggested the exhibit on special effects at Cap Sciences, I hesitated.

Then, yesterday afternoon, off we went.


What would cinema be without special effects?” is the question around the exhibition titled “Éffets Spéciaux” which is on at Cap Sciences until June 2019.


Angela as a spitting-fire dragon

Equipped with a green bracelet allowing to register each “piece” of our experience, we were able to create our own movie during the time there. It was a great way to see what makes cinema magic! Now I really treasure my UGC Membership…


Yes, visitors are able to direct their own movie and experiment with different special effects, such as “motion capture”. In one word: adventure! And each exhibit is explained in 3 languages: French, English and Italian.


Cap Sciences, maybe more than some other museums, is for the curious. Their motto is: Curiosity is the first step towards respect. Respect is the first step towards tolerance. 

Here a few more shots from the exhibition “Éffets Spéciaux“.


My friend Mickaël performing aerial acrobats



Special effects accessories

My favorite part was when I was shown the nuts and bolts of movie make-up; make-up artists as well as other special effects professionals present their theories on a screen.

Rule n.1: Be Creative.


Or when I was able to put on/take off additional part of this face (LOVED it):


(As a side note, after Cap Sciences we went to the movies and watched Cyrano de Bergerac, whose nose I’ll always remember.)


Photo Credit: SuperLucien

For more information on the wonderful Cap Sciences, make sure to check out the website here.

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