Friday Heirloom 2018

Friday Heirloom 79: Stade Matmut ATLANTIQUE, Bordeaux

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Everywhere is San Francisco! We are the champions, my friends.


Cover Photo: Standing by the Matmut ATLANTIQUE Stadium, Bordeaux 

A few weeks ago, as soon as I learned there was a match at the newest city stadium Matmut ATLANTIQUE, I knew I had to go. And luckily for me, I was able to attend on Wednesday with a few coworkers from La Cité du Vin (and with a gifted ticket).

Why a stadium on The Alley of Museums? Well, the Matmut ATLANTIQUE is not your typical stadium and one could easily see why. Elegance, form, volume and lightness are only a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of its structure.


Who made it? The answer is… drum rolls… Herzog & de Meuron! Yes, the same Swiss architectural firm behind the eccentric De Young Museum in San Francisco.


The de Young Museum. Photo Credit: FAMSF

Seen from afar at night, the stadium is silent but bold. Its structure, which apparently was inspired by the pine forest of the Landes – hence the columns!, also perfectly fits its green entourage, full of trees (and mystery).


I love the columns, monumental and delicate, with all the lighting contributing to the elegance of the architecture. It really is a must-see within the greater architectural context of Bordeaux, and I’m so happy I went!


Everything was studied so that the stadium roof could protect the spectators from the bad weather while allowing the light of the sun to pass. In fact, the roof is inclined by 7 degrees and includes acoustic panels for a better quality of sound.

About the arena (photos below): it can welcome 42,115 spectators, it is rectangular and gives everyone the best possible view.



The match I went to on December 5th was Bordeaux-St.Étienne, and we won 2-1! Not too bad for being the first French game I go to…


About the corridors and common areas inside: I especially loved the density of the roof. It gives the perfect selfie background!


What also struck me was how easy the building is to navigate. People flow either in one sense or the other, so it allows for safety and crowd management (especially during bigger competitions). Everything including bars and restrooms are easy to locate, not to mention that you can still watch the game from almost any point in the corridors!

Accessibility score: 10/10.


I had so much fun at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE this week! If you wish to learn more about the stadium, don’t forget check out the website.

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